Pad printing accessories and consumables.

Why PadPrintech?

PadPrintech is the leading manufacturer and supplier of pad printing equipment and machines based in India. We bring to you world class technology at affordable prices.

Check out our pad printing consumables below.

Pad Printing Inks.

PadPrintech offers wide ranges of printing inks that covers almost all types of printing substrates and are available in all Pantone Shades.

Printing Pads.

Depending on the area of print and position of the print on the product, PadPrintech offers printing pads in conical, cylindrical, rectangular and square shapes. Printing Pads can also be customised for printing on critical positions.

Cliches / Etched Plates.

PadPrintech also offers a wide range of sizes in etched plates. With the experience and expertise of our highly-skilled team, we are able to produce high-grade etched plates for high-quality prints.

Ceramic Rings.

PadPrintech offers ceramic rings (also called “doctoring rings”) in various sizes (60mm, 90mm, 110mm, and 130mm) according to machine compatibility.