PadPrintech conceptualises the technology of pad printing with the motto “print anything, anywhere” and manifests it into reality to impart a message that pprinting is possible on nearly any substrate, surface, shape and size imaginable.

Advantages of pad printing

Pad printing (also called as Tampography) is a unique printing process that allows you to transfer any 2D image onto a 3D object, for example your product.

Superior Detailing

Pad printing allows for up to a 4 color print and colours are printed one at a time. Detail in the print can be excellent

Better resolution.

Pad printing offers far better resolution than screen or hot-stamp printing, especially on surfaces that have traditionally been difficult to print on.

Print on nearly any material.

Pad printing gives the manufacturer the same, or in some cases, greater versatility. It can be used on almost any material. Plastic, metal, glass, ceramics and food (yes, food) can be printed on thanks to this unique process.

Print on nearly every surface

The most striking difference between pad printing and other printing processes is its ability to print on nearly any shape or surface — concave, convex, curved, uneven and hollows.

Why PadPrintech?

With 30 + years of experience and expertise in the field of manufacturing and supplying pad printing machines, PadPrintech offers a comprehensive range of pad printing (Tampo Printing) machines and equipment consisting of single and multi color pad printing solutions.